Friday, 11 April 2014

30: Friday 11th April 2014

From the Headmaster

Wednesday 30th April is the day when the Class 2014 will be making their entry into school for their final day of classes. Traditionally this is an opportunity for the whole school to recognise the achievement of the graduating class. Please note that on this day the bottom car park will be closed from 6.55 am to ensure the safety of the graduating class as they enter school. The top car park will still be open but we do ask that all parents make an effort to get their children to school a little earlier that day to avoid delays.

Primary News

Food collection
On behalf of the 10th Grade students who organised a collection of basic foodstuffs we would like to thank everyone who contributed. In exchange for support during our Easter activities we collected the following items to be donated to a local old peoples home.

Rice 196lbs
Beans 200lbs
Sugar 149lbs
Milk 37 litres
Flour 69lbs

Also a variety of items such as oil, cereal, salt, oats, pasta, tuna, coffee, soup etc

UP Parent/teacher meetings
Optional parent/teacher meetings in UP begin immediately after the Easter holiday. If you would like to arrange to meet your children’s class teacher please email Claudia Avilés, Verónica Lindo or the class teacher - remembering that our teachers too need a holiday so may not get back to you immediately!

Marcela Alger
Marcela Alger, who has previously worked as a learning assistant in both lower and upper primary, has been appointed as a Spanish teacher after a very thorough selection process. Marcela, a fully trained teacher, will be working with the children in Grade 3 for the remainder of this school year and will be happy to meet with parents of those children during the week beginning 28th April when we have our termly UP parent/teacher meetings.

4th Avilés assembly
We look forward to welcoming the parents of children in 4th Avilés to their class assembly on Wednesday 30th April. Please remember to use the emergency car park for these events.

Specialist Teacher workshops - w/b 5th May
During the year we have presented different workshops for primary parents to help them to understand how our curriculum works. A number of parents have expressed an interest in finding out more about our specialist classes and curricula and, therefore, during the week beginning Monday 5th May our specialist teachers in Art, Music, PE and ICT will be leading workshops for parents to help them to understand the importance of these subjects in the education of the whole child. We will send out sign up sheets after the Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you at these events.

Upper Primary Talent Show - Registration for Auditions
Registration for Talent Show Auditions will be open on Monday 28th of April until Friday 2nd of May (no students will be accepted after these days). 

Please read the Talent Show Guidelines before sign up to the Auditions here:

Auditions will take place the 7th, 12th and 14th of May; programmes will be sent to relevant students and published in the newsletter.

We were very disappointed with the poor attendance of children in the Primary school on Friday 11th April, particularly our Grade 5 pupils who missed their swimming gala which, consequently, affected all the arrangements made previously by the PE/ Swimming teachers. Every day in school is important and swimming galas are a great way of developing swimming skills, healthy competition and teamwork and loyalty. Normal lessons and assessments took place in 5th Grade classes from 7 - 11am. Children who missed school on this day will be registered as having an unauthorised absence.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday
Monday 5th May: First Vásquez family day
Tuesday 6th May: First Fastiggi family day
Wednesday 7th May: First Aguirre family day
Thursday 8th May: First Quintanilla family day
Tuesday 13th May: Kinder Rampone family day
Wednesday 14th May: Kinder Súarez family day
Thursday 15th May: Kinder Lima family day
Friday 16th May: Kinder Francés family day
Tuesday 20th May: Pre Kinder Flores family day
Wednesday 21st May: Pre Kinder Carbajal family day
Thursday 22nd May: Pre Kinder Cáceres family day
Friday 23rd May: Pre Kinder Siri family day
Monday 26th May: Prepa Cáceres family day
Tuesday 27th May: Prepa Monks family day
Wednesday 28th May: Prepa Burrows family day
Thursday 29th May: Prepa Pashley family day
Friday 6th June: Moving up day
Friday 13th June: LP reports go home
Friday 20th June: Last day of school

Upper Primary
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday
Wednesday 30th April: 4th Avilés Assembly, 11.55pm, PAC

Secondary News

Easter Holidays
The Easter Holidays start today and we hope everyone has a safe and happy break. Students in Grade 10 (Class 2016) and Grade 12 (Class 2014) return almost immediately to their IGCSE and IB Examinations and it is really important they study and revise well during the Easter break. We ask that parents help by organising somewhere to study and providing all the support you can. The IGCSE Examinations and IB Examinations are very important to the students in terms of preparation for future courses either here at school or at University. 

We look forward to seeing all our students back in school on Monday 28th April.

As I am sure you are aware the U18 Boys football team won the Bilingual League Football Cup last Friday with a 1-0 victory over the Liceo Frances. and they took part this morning in the Lap of Honour and yesterday some of them were interviewed in school by the ESPN Football Correspondent Mr. Fernando Palomo who visited the school. We also would like to note we are also very proud of the U18 Girls Football team who came second in their Bilingual League and also participated in the Lap of Honour.

Lap of Honour - Effort led to Success
Congratulations to all the students who paraded around school this morning in a lap of honour to recognise the recent achievements of ABC teams in football, swimming, athletics, archery, Mathcounts, and the ESEN debate. It has been a fantastic term in terms of the success of our teams and while it is nice to be successful we also want to remind our community that for us at school the prime importance is in taking part with dignity, enthusiasm and respect. We would like to celebrate this alongside the successes we have recently earned

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 11th April: Last day of term two
Monday 28th April: First day of term three
Wednesday 30th April: Last day of classes for Class 2014. Class 2016 IGCSE Exams start
Thursday 1st May: Public Holiday
Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd May: A practice expedition to the Montecristo park in Metapan. 
Monday 5th May: IB Exams start
Tuesday 6th May: Parents Partnership meeting for Grade 9 and 11 parents, 6pm PAC
Friday 16th May: Spring Musical Recital
Thursday 22nd May: ABC Digital Award, 5pm PAC

Friday, 4 April 2014

29: Friday 4th April 2014

Primary News

See you at the Big Pool for the 1st Grade and UP Swimming Galas!
Swimming galas for the children in grades 1 - 5 take place in the big swimming pool next week. The Grade 1 Swimming Gala starts at 11:30am. All UP swimming galas start at 11.00am and are expected to last between an hour and an hour and a half. Children are free to leave school after their event.

4th Grade trip
4th Grade will be visiting Estadio de Delicias on Monday to meet the Santa Tecla Football team. They will spend the morning learning about tactics, teamwork and discipline as well as having a chance to practise some skills and play a small game. Children will also be interviewing the team about life as professional footballers. A fantastic opportunity for the children to engage in some authentic learning as part of our World Cup IPC unit.

Prepa visit to the National Football Federation
Next Tuesday and Wednesday Prepa children will be learning more about the Salvadorean Football Federation which is the institute in charge of organising football activities in El Salvador. The children will also learn about our National Football Team and have the opportunity to play on their football fields. Children have shown enthusiasm for all the different activities we have prepared during our World Cup Unit and are certainly looking forward to spending the morning there.

2nd Quijano Assembly
We are looking forward to welcoming the parents of children in 2nd Quijano to their children’s assembly at 9.00am on Wednesday of next week. Please remember to use the emergency car park

Boy’s hair
The two week holiday is the perfect time for parents of boys to arrange to get their hair cut in order to meet the school regulations. Off the face, off the collar and over the ears. Thank you.

ABC World Cup shirts on Friday please.
On Friday 11th April children in primary should wear the football T shirts which they designed in school and wore for our ABC World Cup today. The children worked hard on their shirts and we would like another opportunity to admire them.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Friday 4th April: 1st grade Sleepover
Monday 7th April: 1st grade swimming gala - 11:30am - Big pool
Tuesday 8th - Trip to Federación de Fútbol - Prepa Cáceres and Prepa Monks
Wednesday 9th - Trip to Federación de Fútbol - Prepa Pashley and Prepa Burrows
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday

Upper Primary
Tuesday 8th April: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30am 
Wednesday 9th April: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30am 
Wednesday 9th April: 2nd Quijano Assembly, 9.00am, PAC
Thursday 10th April: 4th Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30am 
Friday 11th April: 5th Grade Swimming Gala - 11:00 - 12:30am 
Monday 14th - Friday 25th April: Easter Holiday
Wednesday 30th April: 4th Avilés Assembly, 11.55pm, PAC

Secondary News

Congratulations to ….
Sebastian Diaz Bazan, Camila Salaverria, Javier Andres Carranza and supported by Sabrina Escobar: Our ESEN Debate team who won the National Schools Debate Competition 

All our Swimmers who participated in the ABC Team which won the Estudiantiles

Our U18 Boys and Girls football teams who both finished in the top two in their Bilingual leagues and the Boys are playing the finals today

Bicultural Art Exhibition and Music Performance tomorrow in the Teatro Presidente at 6 pm. You are invited to witness the music and art that was worked on during the Festival

Uniform and Hair!
Can we please remind all of our community that we take pride in the appearance of our students and we ask that you make sure your son or daughter is within the school expectations on uniform and hair. If your son needs a haircut then please get one done rather than waiting for us to talk to him. Many thanks!

Grade 8 History Project is taking place next week and we are looking forward to seeing their ideas and presentations. More details on the Grade 8 Blog.

International Award (Silver) Expedition takes place this coming weekend with a group of the Class 2015 together with three members of staff. Good luck to all of them!

Secondary dates for your diary
Friday 4th April: Bilingual League U18 Football Finals at school
Saturday 5th April: Art exhibition, Foyer at Teatro Presidente and Music Production
Saturday 5th April: International Award Silver Expedition
Monday 7th April - Wednesday 9th April: Grade 8 History project
Friday 11th April: Last day of term two
Monday 28th April: First day of term three
Wednesday 30th April: Last day of classes for Class 2014
Thursday 1st May: Public Holiday
Monday 5th May; IB Exams start