Friday, 30 September 2011

7: Friday 30th September 2011

From the Headmaster

  • We now have the i-Com website fully operational. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with it and the wealth of information and media it contains. You will see a space for a headline message on both the school homepage and the i-Com page. This headline space will be used for any important last minute message. If there is no such message, the headline will not appear. At this moment we have a short tutorial on the website in each language as a headline. 
  • We are aware of an issue that we are having with the e-mails from some Yahoo! accounts not being received by our mail server. We are trying to solve the problem but meanwhile please use a different account (Hotmail, Gmail, etc) if it’s happening to you.
A better drop-off and pick-up experience
Although we continue to work on this, thank you to all who have helped make the arrival and departure of our students safe and much more timely. We have placed more personnel to deal with the traffic and can re-iterate the two key factors that are helping us improve:
  • Arrive at the right time - NOT at the last minute when dropping off and NOT BEFORE the pick-up time when picking up. 
  • Do not park on either of the approach roads (please note that we shall be prohibiting entrance on foot from any car left parked outside the Administration entrance).

Primary News

We have been very lucky this week to have had some special visitors in our Primary assemblies. Sara and Danny, Head Girl and Head Boy at the ABC, brought some of their friends to perform a short role play for the Primary children on two of our school values: curiosity and independence. The children enjoyed watching the plays and it was great for us to have the older pupils and role models taking an active part in our assembly.

It was also lucky that the two Head pupils were there to help us to induct this year’s Primary Tribal Chiefs. We look forward to watching these eight, carefully selected, pupils take on their responsibilities in the school and are sure they will carry them out well.

Upper Primary photos
Have you ever wondered where all the photographs taken during special events go? Just this past month we have had several activities in Upper Primary: Civic assemblies every week, Healthy smoothies have been sold every Wednesday, a Music assembly honouring The Beatles, the UP Student Council and Tribal Leaders Induction Ceremonies, Peace One Day, the Primary McLay Fun Run, Crazy Hair Day and Children’s Day. We’ve documented all these activities by taking lots of photos and posting them in the Upper Primary News Blog:

I encourage you to become a follower so that you can be a part of your child’s daily life at the ABC.

Art classes
There is no substitute for direct hands-on experience!

Following the IPC theme ‘Here and now, there and then’ 4th grade had the opportunity to experiment with different types of soil and blend them to make their own suitable clay.

3rd grade students are learning about Time and Place. During Art class they were able to make a Sundial and experiment with them outside. They were remarkably accurate!

Colourful Day
Children in PK came to school in brightly coloured clothes on Wednesday for their Colourful Day, consolidating their topic on colours.

The children explored a variety of activities linked to colours, mainly relating to creative development, but also relating to Physical development, fine and gross motor skills, and PSED because they worked with other teachers, as well as Language as they talked about all the different colours.

IPC in Grade 4
Grade 4 are beginning an IPC unit entitled Here and Now, There and Then. This unit compares life in two countries (in our case Great Britain and El Salvador) both now and in the past. Their entry point included a game of Bingo which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The game prompted a great deal of discussion between the children and encouraged them to think further about what they already know about their own country and Great Britain and what they would like to find out during the rest of the unit.

1st Gilchrist assembly
Well done and thank you to the teachers and children of 1st Gilchrist for their lovely assembly this morning about Electricity. The children have been learning about making circuits and being safe around electricity in their science lessons and their assembly was an opportunity for them to share what they had learnt.

School for Parents
This week Primary School for Parents started.

Our first lecture was about "Bringing up children today" by ICEF.

Our guest speakers encourage ABC parents and teachers to promote discipline by instilling discipline into intellectual, sport activities, will and families values.

Also, they mentioned that sometimes parents are not aware that they have been treating their child as if they were unable to change their behaviour, the way they are communicating with their child conveys the idea that "we don’t think you can do it", that’s why it is very important to change the way of communicating by having positive expectations.

5th Grade trip to the zoo
5th Grade went to the Zoo on Thursday September 29th. The trip helped the children apply their knowledge and skills about animal adaptations and it also helped us as a wrap up for our Science Unit on Interdependence and Adaptations.

We had a lovely day at the Zoo. The children had the assistance of four guides who helped them with the study guide they were given to complete. The children enjoyed the field trip and learned a little more about this Topic.

Children's Day Celebrations

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 6th October: Pre-Kinder Curriculum Night
Friday 7th October: First Grade Cáceres Assembly
Thursday 13th October: Kinder Curriculum Night
Friday 14th October: Prepa Contreras Assembly
Monday 17th October: First Grade Parents Maths Workshops
Thursday 20th October: Prepa Curriculum Night
Friday 21st October: LP United Nations Day
Thursday 27th October: First Grade Curriculum Night
Friday 28th October: Prepa Pashley Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 3rd - Friday 7th October: Parent Teacher Conferences for all UP Parents
Monday 24th October: United Nations Day
Wednesday 26th October: 3rd Aviles Assembly
Wednesday 26th October: 5th Quintanilla Assembly

Secondary News

Meeting Teachers at the Know Your School Night
It has been great for us to meet the Grade 6-8 parents this week and share some of our hopes and expectations for the coming school year and in the coming week we will be meeting with the parents of the remaining grades. Please note that grade 11 and 12 are on Monday at 5.30 pm for both grades and Grade 9 and 10 on Wednesday evening (Grade 9 starts at 5.30 pm in the PAC and Grade 10 at 6.10 pm in the PAC). We do hope you can attend as we want to ensure that home and school are working together on the same issues to ensure the best for our students.

Much Ado About Nothing
We were delighted to have our annual visit from the TNT Shakespeare group who performed Much Ado About Nothing to our Grade 9 - 12 students last week. It was a superb performance and much enjoyed by our students. It was followed by a short workshop for our Grade 9 and 10 Drama students.

University plans
There are frequent visitors to school at this time from universities who are looking to recruit our students. It is an important time for our Grade 11 and 12 students and next Monday (10th October) we are holding a meeting with all parents and students in these grades to discuss the selection of a university and the application process. This is for all Grade 11 or Grade 12 students whether they intend studying here in El Salvador or overseas.

Cell phones, socks and uniform
Please note that we are confiscating cell phones which are turned on during the school day and parents are required to collect them from the school office in order to ensure that you also remind them they must be turned off during the school day. They can only turn them on and use them if they come to the Office and ask for permission. Students wearing inappropriate (non-ankle) socks will be expected to purchase a proper pair of socks from the school shop - equally girls wearing skirts which are too short will also be required to purchase a new skirt. Please ensure your son or daughter is abiding by these uniform rules when they leave for school in the morning.

Click here to view our latest LRC newsletter.

Dates for your diary
Monday 3rd October: Know Your School night for Grade 11 and 12, 5.30 pm PAC
Wednesday 5th October: Know Your School night for Grade 9 and 10 - 5.30 pm PAC for Grade 9 parents and 6.10 pm for Grade 10 parents
Saturday 8th October: Grade 11 Empowerment Day
Monday 10th October: Grade 11 and 12 University Guidance Meeting, 6pm PAC
Friday 28th October: End of First Half term - school closed for the following week

Friday, 23 September 2011

6: Friday 23rd September 2011

From the Headmaster

Final chance to see “Much Ado About Nothing”
Tickets available on Monday morning ONLY, until 12 noon, for the TNT Theatre Production of this famous Shakespearean play. Contact Sandra Acosta at the Main Reception (2241-4428) - ticket price $15, numbered seats.

9th to 12th grade students will be seeing this production on Tuesday morning.

Congratulations IB Diploma Graduates of the Class of 2011!
With the final International Baccalaureate results now in, we can give our congratulations to the Class of 2011 for producing an excellent IB Diploma pass rate. The official congratulatory message from the Board, Headmaster and Staff will appear this Sunday in El Diario de Hoy, including the final university destinations of the IB Diploma receivers. Well done!

Primary News

International Primary Curriculum
Hopefully you will all know by now that the Primary school will be using the International Primary Curriculum to complement the British Curriculum which we use currently. The motto of the IPC is “Great learning, Great teaching, Great fun” and it is an active, theme based curriculum which is easily as rigorous and as challenging as any used in the Primary school so far.

The themes last between four and ten weeks with most being around seven or eight weeks. We plan to complete four, or possibly five, themes in each grade throughout the year.

The IPC encourages parental involvement both at home and at school. On Friday Primary parents should receive from their children a letter about the IPC unit on which they will be working in the first half of this term. This will tell you what the unit is, how long it lasts, what the learning goals are and how you can help us to help your children at home. In future we plan to send these letters out to parents by email.

Many parents attended the presentations this week by Katherine Tucker, an expert from the IPC who has also been working on training the staff, and were able to get a good understanding of how the curriculum can be used to improve the children’s learning.

For more information please look at and if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me or phone Claudia Avilés for an appointment to come in to school and see me.

IPC Entry Point in Grade 2
The IPC has arrived at the ABC! Children in second grade had an excellent Introduction to their unit of study “Different places, similar lives”. The children were given a One Day Passport and then got to travel to different countries. They visited Iran, Turkey, Japan, Sweden and El Salvador. The children were given relevant and interesting information about each country. They all enjoyed their experience and began to understand that people around the world have similarities and differences in spite of the countries they live in.

Please visit our Blog.

IPC Entry Point in Grade 3
On Wednesday the children in Grade 3 launched the IPC unit Time and Place. They came to school that day with their travelling bag and passport and having no idea of what they were doing or where they were going, everything was a mystery! At 10:00am they began their journey around the world experiencing the different time zones. The time in El Salvador was 10:00am, a normal school day, so the children played Multiplication Bingo. They took the magic plane to the United Kingdom, the time there was 5:00pm Tea Time, children enjoyed a nice cup of tea and biscuits. They took the magic plane again and they flew to India where it was 9:30pm Bed Time, they heard a traditional Indian bed time story called The Monkey and the Crocodile. Finally they flew to Australia. It was Thursday, very early in the morning 5:30am time to get up, they changed their pyjamas and enjoyed a healthy breakfast.

Ask your children about what they experienced and to think about the word TIME.

Please visit our Blog!

Independence Celebrations
We are celebrating El Salvador’s 200th year celebration from the first shout of independence; the exact date was 11th November 1811.

On 15th September we celebrated 190 years on independence.

El Salvador’s government has made a huge emphasis on the richness of our cultural patrimony, traditions, patriotic symbols and characters such as our national heroes, presidents and writers.

Peace One Day
All the children in Primary wore white shirts on Wednesday of this week to encourage them to think about conflict and peace at home and in the world. All classes had circle time to discuss and reflect on how even individual people could promote peace in their families, at school and at home. Children in Lower Primary released white balloons to help to reinforce the message in a memorable way. Well done and thank you to the staff and children of 1st Grade Aguirre who presented a very thoughtful, interesting and well prepared assembly on the subject of Peace.

McLay Fun Run
Today, all of the children in Primary have participated in the McLay Fun Run. An annual event in school which reminds us of a previous Head of Primary, Mr McLay, who was well known in school for his love of exercise and fitness. The children enjoyed their run around the school field and completed an impressive number of laps. The money donated will be put towards improving opportunities and resources for sports within our community. Many thanks to all parents for their contributions.

Grade 5 field trip
Children in 5th Grade are going on a field trip to the national zoo where they will see for themselves how animals adapt to their environment. This topic is related to our Science Unit: Interdependence and Adaptations.

This trip will take place next week on Thursday 29th September and the children will depart from school at 8:30am and be back at the normal time.

School for Parents - Bringing up children today
7am and 6pm Wednesday 28th September in the PAC

During specific periods of a child‘s life it is easier for children to acquire certain abilities such as language, discrimination of sensory stimuli, and mental modeling of the environment. Once the critical period for acquiring a particular ability is past, the development of the brain has progressed past the point at which information can be easily absorbed. The child must then be taught the ability, resulting in expenditure of conscious effort, and, sometimes not producing results as positive as they might have been if the critical period had been taken advantage of.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 26th - Friday 30th September: LP Parent/ Teacher Interviews
Friday 30th September: First Grade Gilchrist Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 26th September: Civic Monday
Monday 26th September: UP Assembly
Wednesday 28th September: 4th and 5th Civic Celebration
Friday 30th September: UP Children’s Day

Secondary News

Peace One Day
We celebrated Peace One Day on Wednesday and Friday with celebrations building on the theme that individuals have the power to bring peace into their and others lives and using the next year to build up to a global truce on the 21st September 2012. Peace One day is a UN sponsored event and shows us the potential for positive change in our world.

Theatre Week and Much Ado About Nothing
Next week is Theatre week and as part of the celebrations we will be hosting the TNT production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing for our Grade 9-12 students on Tuesday morning. There will also be a public performance on the evening of Monday 26th September in the PAC and tickets are on sale for $15 at school.

Know Your School nights details
We have our first Know Your school nights next week. On Tuesday it is Grade 6 Know Your School starting with a meeting of all Grade 6 parents in the PAC at 5:30 pm. We do ask that you be on time so we can start at 5:30. After the meeting you will have the opportunity to talk to all the teachers of your son or daughter.

On Thursday we have Grade 7 (starting promptly at 5:30 in the PAC) and then Grade 8 (starting promptly at 6:10 in the PAC). Again after the meeting you will have the opportunity to talk to all the teachers of your son or daughter.

PSAT training
Many of our students have signed up for PSAT tests at the start of next month and we are offering practice sessions to help them prepare. Please make sure your son or daughter knows where to be and when to take advantage of these sessions.

PAES Examination
This takes place on Wednesday for all our Grade 12 students.

Grade 6-8 Creative Carousel
We have completed the first cycle of the Creative Carousel so Grade 6-8 parents will see a change in the carousel from the start of October. Unfortunately we have not been able to offer as much drama for staffing reasons. We hope this will soon be rectified.

All students in grade 6-8 are expected to have signed up for an extracurricular or team sports activity as part of developing their talents. In particular students who are now finishing off a carousel in an activity they enjoy should be looking to do an extracurricular activity in that area.

Dates for your diary
Tuesday 27th September: Know Your School night for Grade 6, 5.30pm PAC 
Thursday 29th September: Know Your School night for Grade 7 and 8, 5.30 pm PAC for Grade 7 parents and 6.10 pm for Grade 8 parents
Monday 3rd October: Know Your School night for Grade 11 and 12, 5.30 pm PAC
Wednesday 5th October: Know Your School night for Grade 9 and 10, 5.30 pm PAC for Grade 9 parents and 6.10 pm for Grade 10 parents 

Monday, 19 September 2011

5: Friday 16th September 2011

From the Headmaster

Independence Day
Although we were closed for Independence Day, September is our Independence Month and we have many activities related to this theme. From Civic Mondays in the Primary School (where the National Anthem is sung and aspects about El Salvador are presented by students), to formal Independence Assemblies in the Secondary School, dignified and proper attention is given to the Independence of El Salvador. On a lighter theme, we had the Colegio Becquer Band and dancers as well as the enactment of Salvadorian folklore and the sale of traditional foods. In the following video you can see what some of our students and staff feel about being Salvadorean and why they are proud of Salvadorean culture:

Buy your tickets for “Much Ado About Nothing
A reminder that tickets are only available PRIOR to the event and are priced at $15 for numbered seats with good visibility. Please contact the Main Reception (Sandra Acosta on 2241-4428).

Primary News

School caps
ABC caps are now available from the School Shop at a cost of $8.40.

Emergency pick up information
Please make sure that you have completed an Emergency pick up special information form for your children. This can be found on the iCom page of the school’s website.

UP Student Council Induction
In assembly this week the 32 members of the Upper Primary Student Council were introduced and awarded with their badges by Mr Hobson. The Student Council, who were democratically elected by their peers, have an important role to play in the school; they are the ‘pupil voice’ and are responsible for making sure that the views and opinions of the children are heard by teachers and by the leadership team of the school. Some members of the Student Council will be going with Mr Fastiggi next week to buy new playground toys and equipment for all the children to use during their break times.

IPC for parents
Katherine Tucker from the main offices of the International Primary Curriculum in England, will be visiting our school next week. Katherine will be giving presentations for parents who are interested in learning more about the IPC at 6pm on Tuesday 20th September and 7am on Wednesday 21st September (please use the emergency car park if attending this session) both in the PAC. We look forward to seeing as many parents there as possible to find out more about this exciting new initiative happening in the Primary section of the school this year.

Visitors to school
Parents who need to visit school during the teaching day should report to Mrs Avilés’ (Primary Secretary) office. Please do not go directly to your child’s class as this is disruptive to the teaching and learning taking place.

Visiting nurse
As part of their topic on Safety in the Home first grade teachers have invited a nurse into their classrooms to talk to the children about the safety and dangers of medicines at home. This will happen on Thursday 22nd September.

Independence Day

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 19th September: INSET for teachers
Tuesday 20th September: IPC presentation for Primary parents, 6pm PAC
Wednesday 21st September: Peace One Day
Wednesday 21st September: IPC presentation for Primary parents, 7am PAC
Friday 23rd September: McLay Fun Run
Friday 23rd September: First Grade Aguirre Assembly
Monday 26th - Friday 30th September: LP Parent/ Teacher Interviews
Friday 30th September: First Grade Gilchrist Assembly

Upper Primary
Tuesday 20th September: Civic Tuesday
Tuesday 20th September: IPC presentation for Primary parents 6pm PAC
Wednesday 21st September: Peace One Day
Wednesday 21st September: IPC presentation for Primary parents 7am PAC
Friday 23rd September: McLay Fun Run
Monday 26th September: Civic Monday
Monday 26th September: UP Assembly
Wednesday 28th September: 4th and 5th Civic Celebration
Friday 30th September: UP Children’s Day

Secondary News

Independence Day celebrations
Thank you to all the parents who supported the Independence Day celebrations at school on Wednesday. We were unlucky with the weather but we had a very positive day. The Grade 11 and 12 students who took part in the assembly were brilliant and many thanks to them.

INSET for teachers
Please note that school reopens on Tuesday as we are involved in training on Monday.

Student Information form
We need these forms returning as soon as possible so we have your contact details.

Confiscated cell phones
Please remind your son or daughter that they must have their phone turned off during the school day and if they need to make a phone call home they can do so during the day from the school office. However if they have their phones on even at break or lunch time they will be confiscated and parents will have to come to the office to collect them.

Please remind your daughters not to come to school with nail polish, low cut socks or short skirts. If girls wear inappropriate uniform they will be required to purchase a replacement from the school shop.

Know Your School Nights
Please take note of the dates below. We will be sending you details of the first nights, next week.

Dates for your diary
Monday 19th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Tuesday 27th September: Grade 6, Know Your School night
Thursday 29th September: Grade 7 and 8, Know Your School night
Monday 3rd October, Grade 11 and 12, Know Your School night
Wednesday 5th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School night

Friday, 9 September 2011

4: Friday 9th September 2011

From the Headmaster

“Much Ado About Nothing” - TNT Theatre Group Return
The much acclaimed production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” will be presented on Monday 26th of September at 7pm, in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). There will be a limited number of tickets available since the PAC will be in optimum-viewing mode. Please note that there will be no tickets sold at the door - tickets with reserved seating will be available from Wednesday at a cost of $15.
Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson starred in the film of the same name - see the version which has been touring the World live!

School closed for students from Thursday 15th to Monday 19th inclusive
In addition to the national holiday on Thursday 15th, teaching staff will be undergoing two training days on Friday 16th and Monday 19th of September. The Primary School are hosting a trainer from the UK on the International Primary Curriculum and the Secondary School have got a complete programme of professional development on those two days.

Primary News

‘Beatles’ assembly
As part of the Music Curriculum, we enjoyed a music assembly this Monday with all the Upper Primary Section of the school. A Band came to perform a selected repertoire of songs from "The Beatles". Our students learned how songs can reflect the time and place in which they were written. Songs like Eleanor Rigby and Imagine help the children to understand the importance of lyrics in getting across a message.

1st Vasquez assembly
Many thanks to the staff and pupils of 1st Grade Vasquez for their assembly this morning. It is never easy to be the first class to do an assembly in the year but the children took it all in their stride and presented an assembly which reminded us all about the school motto “Effort Leads to Success” and the traits and values which we aspire to in Lower Primary. Well done everyone.

Smoothie sale
It looks like we may have a new regular feature in the Upper Primary section of the school! Selling juice this Wednesday was a huge success! The queue stretched around the corner of the library, but with the help of various members of staff we managed to get the drinks around quickly and without fuss! What to do with the proceeds made from the juice sales will be explained in the coming assembly. Well done to everyone that took part... see you again next Wednesday! Mr Moore

UK TRIP 2012
We are starting to plan our annual UK TRIP 2012. The selection process of students and teachers is under way. In the following weeks we will be holding the students interviews. An acknowledgement and interview dates will be sent home on Monday 12th of September. The students who are selected to go on this magical journey will be announced by the end of September. Looking forward to meeting all those students who have applied.
Mrs Aviles
UK TRIP Leader

Team Sports message
The Team Sports Programme looks into providing the students with an opportunity to participate in a sport that helps promote regular physical activity, which will provide health benefits. Teachers are present at all times to ensure a safe practising environment and the enforcement of safety rules. We see that the students drink an adequate amount of liquids before and during their training session, do a warm up before starting to help prevent injuries, and teachers constantly explain students how to be safe and act responsibly.

Just a reminder that parents who visit school during the school day must enter through the admin car park and door. Please do not ask the children to let you in through the pedestrian gates next to the PAC or next to the Grade 4 classes as the have been told not to do this. We take our responsibility for keeping your children safe very seriously.

In service training days
School will be closed to children on 15th September for Independence Day and 16th/19th September for staff training days.

IPC meetings for parents
As mentioned during Back to School nights, this academic year the Primary school will be introducing the International Primary Curriculum to complement the English National Curriculum which we use at present. We have an IPC trainer, Katherine Tucker, visiting us from England on our teacher training days and, if you would like to find out more about this exciting way of teaching and learning, she will be giving presentations specifically for parents on Tuesday 20th September at 6pm in the PAC and Wednesday 21st September at 7am also in the PAC. In order to get an idea of the numbers of parents we should expect your child will be bringing a letter home on Monday which asks you to choose one or other of the sessions. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible; this really is a great opportunity for you to find out more about how this is going to affect the learning of your children.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 13th September: LP Assembly
Thursday 15th September: Independence Day No School
Friday 16th September: INSET for teachers
Monday 19th September: INSET for teachers
Wednesday 21st September: Peace One Day
Friday 23rd September: McLay Fun Run
Friday 23rd September: First Grade Aguirre Assembly
Monday 26th - Friday 30th September: LP Parent/ Teacher Interviews
Friday 30th September: First Grade Gilchrist Assembly

Upper Primary
Monday 12th September: UP Assembly
Monday 12th September: UP Civic Monday
Wednesday 14th September: 2nd and 3rd Grade Civic Celebration
Thursday 15th September: NO SCHOOL (Independence Day)
Tuesday 20th September: Civic Tuesday
Wednesday 21st September: Peace One Day
Friday 23rd September: McLay Fun Run
Monday 26th September: Civic Monday
Monday 26th September: UP Assembly
Wednesday 28th September: 4th and 5th Civic Celebration
Friday 30th September: UP Children’s Day

Secondary News

School Trips
As part of the educational opportunities available to us we do occasionally take our students on trips. In the last week there were trips for Grade 6 and Grade 7 and their educational value is often very significant and generally students find them inspiring and fun. I want to reassure you that before we go on any trip we do a previsit and check very carefully for any potential problems or concerns. You can be sure that if we organise a trip we are sure that it will be as safe as we can possible make it. Thank you to all the parents who supported these trips this week.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is a busy day in school: MATHCOUNTS & MOCK PAES
We have the Mock PAES Exam for Grade 12 starting at 9 am on Saturday 10th September. The exam will last for 3 hours and will be a practice for the real exam which takes place on Wednesday 28th September. The PAES counts towards our ABC graduation as well as being a requirement of the MINED graduation.

On Saturday over 70 Grade 6-8 students will be participating in the ABC Internal Mathcounts competition. The event starts at 7.30 and is being run by the Maths Department under the leadership of Mr. Arriola and with the help of many of our older students who will be checking answers and ensuring fair play!

Independence Day Assembly and Festival celebration
On Wednesday 14th September we will be celebrating Independence Day in school. We are excited that this year marks the 200th anniversary of the first shout for independence. We will be holding an Independence Day assembly for the Secondary school in the morning and in the afternoon students will be attending a traditional fair where there will be sport and cultural activities and the opportunity to buy traditional foods. We hope students will support and enjoy this event. School will finish as usual at 1.50 pm

Independence Day holiday and INSET for teachers
Just a reminder that school is closed for Independence Day and also for Friday the 16th and Monday the 19th of September for teacher training INSET activities.

Know Your School Evenings
Please note the dates below. At these meetings you will have the opportunity to meet all your son or daughter’s teachers as well as find out more about our expectations and hopes for the coming school year. We hope all parents will be able to attend.

Student Council
The following students have been appointed to the Student Council Executive for the coming school year. We have also been electing Student Council class representatives this week.

6A Andrea Landaverde
6B Camila Gómez
6C Vanesa Reyes
6D Diego Behrens
6E Diego Arévalo
7B Daniela Villalobos
7C Emilio Moreno
7D Carlos Velásquez
7E Andrés López
8A Andrea Atanasio
8B Héctor Duque
8C Adriana Carta
8D María Fernanda Hernández
9B Maya McCormak
9C Natalia Gómez
9D Lucia Palomo
9E Steven Kawas
10 AZTEC Shari Ortiz
10 INCA Michelle Rivera
10 MAYA Esteban Cabrera
10 PIPIL Alejandro Guerrero
11 AZTEC 1 Alfredo Rodríguez
11 AZTEC 2 Alfonso Díaz Bazán
11 INCA 1 Carlos Rodrigo Romero
11 INCA 2 Felipe Fernández
11 MAYA 1 Jaime Bou
11 MAYA 2 Paolo Dell'Arciprete López
12 AZTEC 1
12 AZTEC 2 Gabriela García
12 INCA 1 Claudia Isart
12 INCA 2 María Emilia Naranjo
12 MAYA 1 Eduardo López
12 MAYA 2 Alejandra Coto

Student Information
Today all Secondary students brought home a form to update our records to ensure we have up to date contact information. Please fill in the form and return it to school on Monday if possible.

Dates for your diary
Thursday 15th September: School Closed for Independence Day
Friday 16th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Monday 19th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Tuesday 27th September: Grade 6, Know Your School night
Thursday 29th September: Grade 7 and 8, Know Your School night
Monday 3rd October, Grade 11 and 12, Know Your School night
Wednesday 5th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School night

Friday, 2 September 2011

3: Friday 2nd September 2011

From the Headmaster

Back-to-School Nights
With just one more Back-to-School Night to go (4th and 5th grade will be on Monday), I thank all those parents who came and learnt about the school and their children’s classes. I am very pleased with the attendance figures which we have obtained so far:
PreK 92%, K 90%, Prepa 88%, 1st 93%, 2nd 88%, 3rd 90%.

Traffic so far....
We have a very good traffic flow in the mornings - thank you to all those who realise that dropping off your children early makes the best use of your time.

With the Extra Curricular and Team Sports Programmes starting on Monday, we shall have a differing pattern at pick-up times. Here is where we shall be enforcing some changes to control the traffic situation. These shall be announced to the grade level affected in due course.

However, arriving early at pick-up time is not helping the traffic situation. The record so far is a parent who arrived to park on the road outside school at 11:10am to wait for the 12 noon pick up. By waiting on the approach road to the Principal Entrance drivers are blocking the road and not allowing others through. A particular problem is caused by those who arrive and wait before 1:30pm, thus blocking the Prepa pick up which takes place from 1:00pm to 1:30pm. From Monday, I have asked guards to take note of who these drivers are - please be part of the solution - not the problem.

Primary News

ID cards for the Jubilee Library
On Monday 12th September the Jubilee library staff will take photographs for the 2nd Grade and new pupils ID cards which will enable them to check out books. Please ignore the expiry date on the card as this no longer applies. Pupils are expected to act responsibly and look after their ID cards once issued as there is a $3.00 fee for a replacement.

Primary Student Council
This week the student council has been getting underway.  Two student councillors from each class in grades 2nd through to 5th have been elected by their classroom peers.  The idea of the elections has been to reflect a democratic process and echo the principle that the student council represents the voice of its students.  This year’s student council had its first meeting on Wednesday, 31st August and was briefed on its role.  The student council will certainly have a busy year ahead, as it’ll be taking on the issues that matter most to the children of the ABC.

5th Grade
5th Quintanilla, Paulina Castillo and Guillermo Rivas
5th Brenes, José Andrés Villalobos and Adriana Valeria Velásquez
5th García Prieto, Ana Cristina Arguello and Reynaldo Quintanilla 
5th McCall, Stephanie Safie and Fátima Cruz

4th Grade
4th Hernández, Daniel Lechiguero and Roberto Berganza
4th Fastiggi, Matteo Cabrero Altschul and Katia Merlos
4th Molina, Ariana Rodríquez and Luis Alejandro Catani
4th Taylor, Julie Espinal and Miguel Bolinaga

3rd Grade
3rd Judge, Luciana Palomo and Ximena Arguedas
3rd Avilés, Pablo Sánchez and María Jimena Castro
3rd Guzmán, Fernando Gálvez and Rocío Guerrero
3rd Navas, Gerardo Salvato and Sophia Gómez

2nd Grade
2nd Padilla, Gabriela Kecskemeti and Jonathan Rodezno
2nd Moore, Gerardo Maza and Valeria Melara
2nd Mena, Daniel López Masías and Andrea Rodríguez
2nd Quijano, Sofía Huezo and César García

Encouraging Healthy Eating
As part of ABC's commitment to developing healthy eating habits and making children aware of the enjoyment to be had with healthy food, this week will see a new and exciting addition to break times.  For a trial period during this Wednesday break time the Upper Primary children will be able to buy a delicious fruit smoothie.  We will be starting with a simple selection of 4 mouth-watering smoothies: watermelon, mango, orange or watermelon and banana.  The cost will be no more than 50 cents so please, if your child would like to purchase one you do not need to send them with a lot of money.

Finally, a big thank you to all parents for your support with the changes we have made so far this year with regard to eating habits at ABC school.  It is a work in progress and although there are a few things being ironed out we are very happy with the start that has been made and it is all down to us all working together.

ABC production
Last week auditions were held for the school performance “Dreaming of Disney”.  We had lots of eager children taking part and rehearsals will start next week on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We are sure that as in previous years the show will be a huge success.  The performances will take place in the PAC on the evening of the 23rd & 24th of November and are sure to be a sell-out, so make a note in your diary now.

Back to School Nights
Many thanks to all the parents who have attended our Primary Back to School Nights this week. The evenings have been very well attended and lots of new information and reminders was shared by the teachers and assistants.

On 20th September we will be inviting parents to an evening presentation by Katherine Tucker about the International Primary Curriculum which the Primary school will be adopting this year to complement and extend the English national curriculum which we are using at present. More details soon but please keep a space in your diary for this.

Extracurricular activities
Just a reminder that extracurricular activities and Team Sports begin on Monday 5th September. Please confirm with your children where and at what time they should be picked up from school after these activities.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 6th September: LP Assembly
Friday 9th September: 1st Grade Vásquez Assembly, 7.20am PAC

Upper Primary
Monday 5th September: Back to School Night 4th & 5th Grade, 6.00pm
Monday 5th September: Music Assembly, 9:00am PAC

Secondary News   

IGCSE Results for the Class of 2013
Hopefully you will have read about our very pleasing IGCSE results on our news blog. Congratulations to all the students who are now starting their IB Diploma courses. Once again we had some very high achieving students with at least four of our students achieving high numbers of the top A* and A grades.

Prep and extra PE Sessions
Many thanks to all of you for the support we have had for the Extra P.E. and Prep sessions that we have had over the first two weeks of term. These are now at an end because we will be starting Team Sports and Extracurricular activities on Monday.

Extracurricular activities and Team Sports
These activities start on Monday 5th September. Your son or daughter will have received an email detailing the activities on offer. Please note these are generally run by school teachers but some clubs are also run by Grade 11 and 12 students.

We are expecting all students in Grade 6 to 9 to find an activity which will help them develop their interests and talents.

School Uniform
Can I please remind all parents that we expect all students to wear the full school uniform including the proper socks and footwear. We would really appreciate parental support in ensuring students arrive at school properly dressed for school. 

Know Your School Nights for Secondary
As I hope you are all aware we are holding our Know Your School nights later this year so you can come and talk to us after the first few weeks of term. The dates for these evenings are in the dates list below. In the mean time we have sent Parents Information sheets to all grades by email. If you have not received one please contact Roxana or Marielos and we will send you a copy and check your email address on records.

Up to Date Information
Your contact details are very important when we need to get in touch with you. We will be sending home a brief form next week for you to return so we can check those details. Please return it as quickly as you can.

Dates for your diary
Thursday 15th September: School Closed for Independence Day
Friday 16th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Monday 19th September: School Closed for INSET Day
Tuesday 27th September: Grade 6, Know Your School night
Thursday 29th September: Grade 7 and 8, Know Your School night
Monday 3rd October, Grade 11 and 12, Know Your School night
Wednesday 5th October: Grade 9 and 10 Know Your School night