Friday, 25 November 2011

14: Friday 25th November 2011

From the Headmaster

Board of the Parents Association
The Parents Association had the annual general meeting on Thursday 17th of November and a new board has been elected. I speak for all our community in thanking the outgoing Board for their contribution to the well-being of our community. We look forward to continuing the excellent relationship that we have had with the Parents Association and in continuing to work so well with them.

The Parents Association Board consists of:

Manuel Alexander Portillo: President
Gerardo Funes Durán: Vicepresident
José Luis Molins: Treasurer
Beatriz Eugenia Alvarenga de Miguel: Secretary
Carlos Guerrero: First Director
Edgar Avilés: Second Director
Gracia de McCormack: Director (General Coordinator of Madres Enlace &
Claudia Saca de Gallegos: Director (Upper Primary Coordinator)
Patty de Lima: Director (Lower Primary Coordinator)

Any comment or request for information can be made to the Parents Association secretary:

ABC Artists Exhibiting their Sculptures
Congratulations to eight IB Visual Arts students who have exhibited at the Liceo Frances’ Sculpture Exhibition. Their work made an big impact at this professional artists’ exhibition, and they were awarded a Special Mention by the judges. An excellent achievement!

Well done to Celina Milla, Paola Soundy, Paola Garcia, Alejandra Garcia, Alejandra Burke, Maria Emilia Naranjo, Fatima Safie and Eugenia Ochoa.

Primary News

Monday Assembly
This week we enjoyed a lovely comedy called, "Columbus, a trip at any cost", interpreted by the children in 2nd Quijano. We thank the children for their effort and dedication and the parents for their support.

Dreaming of Disney
Thank you very much to all involved in this year’s Primary production Dreaming of Disney. The children and the staff worked very hard to bring this performance together and it was much enjoyed by parents and friends as well as by the performers themselves.

1st Grade exit point
First Grade had a blast last Friday at Benihanas. It was amazing to see how fast the chefs prepared and cooked the food in front of us. Children were engaged as they were invited to have a go themselves at tossing an egg and catching it on the palette knife. We were advised not to try the fire volcano at home which we were amazed by. What a finale to our IPC unit on Food "We are what we eat".

Footprints from the past - Entry point
The 2nd Grade children had a Jurassic experience last Friday! The second grade corridor was turned into a jungle and the children discovered some fossils in the sandpit. Our young palaeontologists also watched a movie where they learnt how dinosaurs became extinct. It was lots of fun! All the children in the Primary section of the school enjoyed going back in time as they visited our jungle and fossils site.

2nd Grade Trip to Turtle conservation project
As a part of their work on their current topic the staff and children of 2nd Grade are off to San Diego beach today to visit the turtle conservation project, release some of the newly hatched turtles into the sea and to help our local environment by clearing some of the litter from a section of the beach.

Mission to Mars - Entry point
Our Entry Point for Mission Mars was to get the children to imagine that they were space cadets who would be embarking on ‘astronaut training’. As the children’s commanders, we welcomed them to the Space Academy and discussed with the children the qualities and skills that we expected to see in the ‘astronauts’.

We worked with the specialist PE teacher to come up with a range of physical activities for the children to undertake. In total, we had ten different physical activities for the children to do. Each activity was designed to test specific skills, including agility, strength, balance, stamina and hand-eye coordination. The year group was then split into ten teams and each team took turns to have a go at doing each activity. The Entry Point made it clear to the children that if they wanted to go to Mars, they would need to work effectively as a team to complete the various challenges that had been laid out. The Entry Point ended with the instructors praising the efforts of the children and accepting them as ‘recruits’ at the IPC Space Academy.

2nd Padilla assembly
The children from 2nd Padilla presented an assembly this week telling us what they have discovered already from their work on Dinosaurs. The assembly was based on an adventure story which the children have been reading about two children who were magically transported back in time to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. The Grade 2 children shared their knowledge with us confidently and with enjoyment.

Prepa Lima assembly
Thank you to the teaching staff and children of Prepa Lima for their assembly this morning in which, disguised as news broadcast from ABC news, the children shared their knowledge about countries in Asia which they have been finding out about. The children spoke up very confidently and clearly. Well done everyone!

Prepa Exit Point - Who am I?
Parents of children in all of the Prepa classes were invited in to classrooms this morning to spend a short amount of time working with their children and consolidating the learning which they have been involved in this term. We are very pleased to have been able to involve parents in a number of Primary activities this term.

3rd Grade Camping
The third grade camping trip takes place this weekend. I am sure that all the children will have a great time and enjoy the activities which have been organised for them. Watch out for photos in next week’s newsletter.

Christmas Tour
The Upper Primary choir will begin their annual Christmas tour of local shopping malls on Friday 2nd December. The children will be singing a medley of Christmas songs at Galerias at 6pm. All parents and friends are welcome to come along to support the choir.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Friday 9th December: Reports sent home
Wednesday 14th December: Christmas Shows
Friday 16th December: School breaks for Christmas holidays
Monday 9th January 2012: School reopens and back to classes

Upper Primary
Wednesday 30th November: CAL 1 Achievement Ceremony 2nd and 3rd grade 10.00am – 10.40am PAC
Wednesday 30th November: CAL 1 Achievement Ceremony 4th and 5th grade 12.00am – 12.40am PAC
Thursday 1st - Friday 9th December: UP Choir Christmas Tour.
Wednesday 7th December: 3rd Guzmán Assembly. 10:00 - 10:40am in the PAC
Thursday 8th December: Carols by Candleight. 6:30 - 7:30pm in the PAC
Friday 9th December: Founder’s Cup
Monday 12th - Friday 16th December: Festival Week
Wednesday 14th December: Christmas Fair. 3:30 - 6:30pm.
Friday 16th December: Last day of Term. Students will go home at 11:30am

Secondary News

Parent Partnership Meeting
We have a very important meeting with parents of all grades on Tuesday to discuss issues relating to adolescents and how to ensure they grow up safely. On Tuesday we will be discussing smoking, alcohol and drugs with the help of Adriano Bolaños who works with our students on these issues.

British Quiz
We have sent the Secondary British Fortnight Quiz to all students and we are encouraging students and families to work together to answer the questions. One submission is allowed per family. Answers can be sent directly by email to Roxana or Marielos or handed in on paper to the offices. We will be announcing the winner on Monday 5th December and the winning family will receive an official London Olympics 2012 mascot!

Cal 1 Reports
These will be going home next Friday for Secondary students in Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11. These reports and the CUM count towards 25% of the final CUM for the year. We need you and your son or daughter to discuss their report carefully and ideas for improvements. There will be parent teacher meetings for most grades soon after school reopens next term to discuss Cal 2 progress.

Last week of term
On Monday 12th December we will be holding a Parent Teacher Meeting for Grade 10 and 12 students to hand out reports and discuss mock preparations.

On Thursday 15th December we have Award assemblies at the following times:
7.00 Grade 6
7.45 Grade 9/10
8.30 Grade 11/12
9.15 Grade 7/8

Please note that school closes at 12 noon on Friday 16th December.

IGCA Campaign
Our IGCA group in school has asked all Secondary students to help with our 3R campaign. The campaign is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and the video they have made is on Youtube so you can watch it.

They are asking that all the school community tries to recycle as many cans, glass and plastic bottles and paper as possible. Please send these items into school so that we can recycle them through our school recycling programme. Thank you for your support.

Student Council
The Student Council Presidents for Grade 6, 7 and 8 received their badges in our assembly yesterday. They are Diego Behrens, Carlos Velásquez and María Fernanda Hernández. We expect them to do a good job in representing the views of their grades in the Student Council

Peace One Day
As you may be aware we have been supporting the goals of Peace One Day for many years and last week some members of our Student Council had the opportunity to talk to the founder of Peace One Day through Skype. His name is Jeremy Gilley and he asked for our help in spreading the message of Peace One Day to other schools and other young people in El Salvador in preparation for the next Peace One day in September 2012.

Dates for your diary
Tuesday 29th November: Parent Partnership Meeting 6.30 pm PAC for parents of all grades
Friday 2nd December: Cal 1 Reports issued for Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, and 11
Monday 12th December: Cal 1 Reports issued for Grade 10 and Grade 12 at Parent Teacher Meeting in PAC at 5.30 pm- 7.30 pm
Thursday 15th December: Award events for Grades 6-8 and 9-12
Friday 16th December: School breaks up for Christmas holidays. School closes at 12 noon.
Monday 9th January 2012: School reopens and starts at 7am

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