Friday, 17 June 2016

37: Friday 17th June 2016

From the Director 

I would like to start by thanking all members of the ABC community for your support and encouragement over the last year. I know our students feel that support and it contributes enormously to the success of all we do. We have enjoyed reflecting on the successes of the year but even at this time of year we should be looking forward. Looking forward to a summer of family time but also thinking about opportunities to develop the interests and talents of your children. Looking forward to next year and ensuring we all approach it in a positive mindset. Our students need to approach their studies with interest and determination and we as parents and teachers need to encourage their active engagement in their learning. We can help achieve this over the holiday by building positive attitudes and reassuring our young people that next year will be even better if they are more actively involved and more positive. 

As you are probably aware we have just completed the first year of our school development plan and we will be sending a report home at the start of next school year. I do however want to report that we have had a successful year but we do want to work on certain areas and we will be explaining those in more detail when we reopen in August. We will be contacting you the week before school reopens to confirm details but please note the dates for next term are on the school calendar. We look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd August for the start of the new term.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Where has this year disappeared to? It has flown by, filled with activity. All of our tired staff and students are certainly ready for the break.

The feedback we had about the ‘Effort Leads to Success’ assemblies was generally very positive from both parents and students. We were so glad to have the opportunity to celebrate the year together and some of the achievements that all of the students have made. The grade 5 ‘Moving On’ Assembly was also an extremely nice opportunity for the grade 5s to celebrate their time in Primary. Thank you to everyone who attended and our very best wishes to all the grade 5 students for next year when they switch to secondary.

More students than ever took part in the Lap of Honour. It is great to see that so many of our students participate successfully in so many events. We have a very broad range of skills in school.

Many of you will have noticed that the South Wing of the Lower Primary Quad has been closed off this week allowing the preparation for the remodelling of the classes to start a few days early. The students and staff in LP coped very well with the changes to their routine. In fact I suspect many of the students didn’t really notice. It was all so well organised by the LP team and with plenty of learning opportunities.

There will be a summer camp for the first four weeks of the holidays. It has been advertised for a while but if you missed it please contact

A final reminder that grade 3 boys will be wearing shorts next year and no ties.

We say ‘goodbye’ to Mr Hayward, Mr Pattenden, Miss Watt, Miss Marsh and Mrs Elida Martinez. We wish them all the very best in their new posts and hope they will stay in touch.

Staff will be in school a week before school starts preparing for the year ahead so if you have any last minute queries we will be contactable.

Thank you on behalf of all our staff for the many generous presents and all the good wishes. We all wish you the very best of holidays and look forward to seeing you again on August 22nd.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Return to school 22nd August

Upper Primary
Return to school 22nd August

Secondary News

Dear Parents / Guardians,

Achievement Assemblies
This week was a time of celebration, as we celebrated effort and success in the Grade 6, 7, 8 , 9, 10 & 11 achievement assemblies. These assemblies are some of the most important events on the school calendar. Opportunities like these to applaud both effort and achievement should be a vital endeavour for any school. 

As well as celebrating students’ successes. The key message was that education, in reality, is learning every day; and, any day in which have you truly learned something is never a day wasted. Students were encouraged to try their hardest - not only in their education, but throughout life in general. 

Congratulations once again to all of the award winners. That said, each and every student in the Secondary School has faced challenges this year and every student has achieved success at various times.

Talent Show - Tuesday 14th of June
Thank you to all the talented students that took part in the Secondary School Talent Show on Tuesday. Students and teachers were treated to some superb entertainment. A special thank you also to Mr Godiah for organising the event and for his entertaining compering of the event.

Just one of the many amazing acts.

Grade 10 Induction
The Grade 10 IB induction programme continued this week. The week’s programme has included a university visit, introductions to the different elements of the IB Diploma, team building activities and sessions on yoga & meditation.

Photographs from Tuesday’s team building activity

Group 4 Science Project - Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th of June
The Grade 11s completed their Group 4 science project which is part of their IB Diploma. The topic this year was resilience which links in with our current ABC value. 

Projects ranged from the resilience of natural dyes to washing, to how different shampoos affect the resilience of human hair.

Julie Emmerson
Head of Science

As is often the case in large international schools, the year ends with us having to say farewell to a number of colleagues:
  • Jo Bartimote - Head of Mathematics, Grade 11 Tutor
  • Jonathan Brown - Physics / Science Teacher, Grade 12 Tutor
  • Janet Deane - Biology / Science Teacher, Grade 11 Tutor
  • Natalie Gowman - Head of Grade 8, Biology / Science Teacher
  • Gillian Gregory - History Teacher, Grade 8 Tutor
  • Sarah Harrison - Deputy Head Curriculum
  • Edward Hodder Smith - Head of Grade 12, Mathematics Teacher 
  • Shirley Hooper - English Teacher, Grade 11 Tutor
  • Chris Martin - Head of English, Grade 12 Tutor 
  • Prudence Meggitt - English Teacher, Grade 10 Tutor
  • Shari Nixon - English Teacher, Grade 6 Tutor
  • James Rombout - Head of Grade 9, History Teacher
  • Manjit Virdi (left in March 2016) - English Teacher, Grade 11 Tutor
  • Catrina Walters - ITGS / Film Studies Teacher, Grade 9 Tutor
  • Silvana Winters - Head of PE (left in December 2015)
All these teachers have made a massive impact on the students, and their colleagues, here at the school and will be sadly missed. I also want to thank and acknowledge all the dedicated and committed ABC teachers.

This is also my final year here at the ABC and I look forward to fresh challenges as the Headmaster of a secondary school in the Middle East. My wife Gill, my daughter Emily and I are excited by this opportunity, but we leave behind many dear friends. We will take with us many fond memories of our time here. We have found the people of El Salvador some of the kindest, most helpful and welcoming people we have had the pleasure to meet.

I wish everybody health and happiness for the future and I hope you all -staff, students and parents- have a relaxing and enjoyable summer. 

Kind regards,

Stephen Spicer
Head of Secondary

Secondary dates for your diary
Return to school 22nd August

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