Friday, 23 August 2013

1: Friday 23rd August 2013

From the Headmaster

Glad to see everyone back to school!
We have had an excellent start to the school year - thank you to all for being on time to school, to the Students Council for welcoming students back on the first day and for your patience with the building work that is going on. There is a great “back to school” spirit!
We shall have our two refurbished science laboratories back in action in a week’s time, the basketball court resurfacing should be done by the end of September and the new Cafeteria and temporary classrooms building (including a multi-use space for dance and drama) will be ready by mid November.
The Cafeteria will be offering a complete service from Monday (including a hot meal service for Primary and Secondary students) working from the temporary facilities in the Auditorium area.

Dropping children off
We believe in independent students. Help cultivate this trait by DROPPING YOUR CHILD OFF AT THE DESIGNATED AREAS and NOT parking and walking them in. Besides the educational reason we simply do not have space for parents to park.

The school reviews its philosophy and objectives regularly and will be doing so in preparation for our Five Year Accreditation Report with this questionnaire. The ABC’s philosophy and objectives are not dry and unused statements - we base all that we do at school on them. Do we have the right Vision? Is our Mission appropriate for preparing students for the 21st Century? Are the school’s Traits and Values institutionalised? How well are we doing in these areas?
Please help - we need your opinion. This questionnaire is just slightly longer than the usual one which we do each year but it is vital for us to be able to concentrate on doing the correct things.

Primary News

Welcome back to school
The primary school has got off to a very smooth start to the new school year. It has been lovely to see all of the children coming into school with big smiles and looking so pleased to be back. Staff have been back in school a little longer and, having enjoyed their summer holidays, attended a number of meetings and training sessions at the beginning of the week to ensure that we keep ourselves up to date with educational thinking and developments.

Curriculum Nights and Back to School Nights will be coming up very quickly so please check the calendar below, and on the school website, for relevant dates.

Extra curricula activities and Team Sports
Next week you will be receiving an email from Patricia Zelaya and Sara Suster giving you an opportunity to sign up for extra curricula and team sports activities. Please talk to your children about the options available before signing them up to make sure that they are doing something that they are going to enjoy. The signing up forms will be online and these activities will begin on Monday 2nd September. Please also make arrangements to make sure that your children are picked up from school at before 3pm as there is no arrangement for supervision of UP students after this time.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Monday 2nd September: Pre Kinder & Kinder back to School night, from 6pm to 8pm at the PAC
Wednesday 4th September: Prepa & 1st grade back to School night, from 6pm to 8pm at the PAC

Upper Primary
Monday 9th September: 2nd and 3rd grade back to School nights, from 6pm to 8pm at the PAC
Wednesday 11th September: 4th and 5th grade back to School nights, from 6pm to 8pm at the PAC
Friday 30th September - Friday 11th October: UP teachers meet all UP parents

Secondary News

IB and IGCSE Success
We are delighted to report the success of the Class 2013 in their IB and the Class 2015 in their IGCSE examinations which they took at the end of last year. Overall the results were excellent and show ABC students achieving success when compared to other students across the world. We are proud of all our students but I do want to mention our top IB student, Jonathan Keslake who achieved 40 points and our top IGCSE student, Sabrina Escobar who achieved nine A* grades and one A.

New School Year
It is always a pleasure to see our students return to school after a break. They are clearly pleased to be back at school, to see their friends as well as their teachers and to return to their studies. At our welcome back assembly we focused on the opportunity all our students have to achieve success this year and the importance of their own self belief and determination. I hope all of us will work together to encourage all our students to be the very best they can be.

Welcome to New Staff
I would like to welcome the following new staff to the Secondary Section:

Ms. Sarah Harrison - Head of Grade 9 and Geography Teacher
Mr. Joel Olwande - Drama Teacher
Ms. Lucy Burns - English Teacher
Mr. Chris Martin - English Teacher
Ms. Jacqueline de Soriano - Spanish Teacher
Ms. Jo Bartimote - Maths Teacher
Ms. Rebecca Baker - Maths Teacher
Mr. James Merry - History Teacher
Ms. Cecilia Cristales - Science Teacher
Ms. Ale Novoa - LSU Psychologist

We are looking forward to working with them within our community.

Parents Handbook and Homework Timetable
All parents should have received a parents handbook by email this week. Please contact us if you did not receive it. The students have their Homework timetables and you should be able to see these in their Planners as well as via the Parents page on the school ICom website.

Grade 9 Science class on Monday from 2.00 - 2.45
Please note all Grade 9 students have an extra Science class on Monday which finishes at 2.45. This will happen each week as part of their regular curriculum

Late finishes next week
Please note the rota for extra PE classes and supervised Prep next week which is shown below:

School Uniform and PE Trainers
Most of our students have worn the correct uniform this week and have looked very smart. Thank you. We would ask however that girls wear proper ankle socks with their school uniform and all students wear proper ankle socks with their PE kits. Any student on Monday wearing inappropriate socks will be required to purchase a pair of proper socks from the school shop. These cost $1.15

PE training shoes must be training shoes and not flat soled. Please make sure your son or daughter also has a cap for PE.

Extra PE
Supervised Prep
Grade 6
Grade 8
Grade 7
Grade 9
Grade 8
Grade 10
Grade 9
Grade 6
Grade 10
Grade 7

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 2nd September: Extra Curricular and Team Sports Activities start
Friday 13th September: ABC Independence Day celebrations
Monday 16th September: School closed for INSET
Tuesday 1st October: Grade 6 Know Your school and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Thursday 4th October: Grade 7/8 Know Your school and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Monday 7th October: Grade 11/12 Know Your school & Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC
Wednesday 9th October: Grade 9/10 Know Your school&Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC

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