Friday, 4 October 2013

7: Friday 4th October 2013

From the Headmaster

Coffee with the Headmaster and Board Chair (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE - APOLOGIES FOR THIS)
Parents are cordially invited on Wednesday 9th of October THURSDAY 7th NOVEMBER at 7:10 to 8am. In order to plan properly for parking, space and catering reasons, please let us know by Tuesday 5th of November that you are coming, using this simple form.

Primary News

Kinder and Prepa Curriculum nights
Next week we have our Kinder and Prepa curriculum nights and look forward to welcoming parents from these grades to attend and discover more about the curriculum that the school offers their children and the learning that is taking place.

The Kinder Curriculum night will take place at 7pm on Tuesday 8th October.

The Prepa Curriculum night will take place at 7pm on Thursday 10th October.

Parent/teacher meetings
Teachers in both lower and upper primary will be continuing to make appointments to meet with parents next week.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Tuesday 8th October: Kinder Curriculum Night 7:00pm in the PAC
Thursday 10th October: Prepa Curriculum Night 7:00pm in the PAC
Friday 11th October: 1st Vásquez Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Wednesday 16th October: 1st Grade Curriculum Night 7:00pm in the PAC
Friday 18th October: Prepa Burrows Assembly 7:20am in the PAC
Friday 18th October: UN Day
Monday 21st - Friday 25th October: Half term break
Friday 8th November: 1st Aguirre Assembly 7:20am in the PAC

Upper Primary
Tuesday 1st October: UP crazy hair day
Wednesday 2nd October: UP School for parents, at the PAC, from 7:00 to 8:30am
Wednesday 2nd October: 3rd Garcia Prieto Assembly, 9:10am in the PAC
Wednesday 2nd October: 5th Molina Assembly, 11:55am in the PAC
Wednesday 16th October: 2nd Guzman Assembly, 9:10am in the PAC
Wednesday 16th October: 4th Quintanilla Assembly, 11:55am in the PAC
Friday 18th October: UP United Nations Food Fair
Monday 21st – Friday 25th: Half Term Break
Wednesday 30th October: UP “Dia de la raza” Assembly 

Secondary News

The Class 2014 have their PAES Exam on Wednesday at
Colegio Fátima
4a Calle Oriente, # 4 - 4, Santa Tecla
(Between PNC and Del Sur, next to San Antonio church

Students must be there by 7 am to register, and the test will start 7:30 - 8 am until 12 noon. (note: Parents must take your son/daughter directly to Colegio Fatima, and pick them up from there at 12 noon.)

They must dress in the daily uniform and bring: Scientific calculator non-graphic, pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, sharpener, bottle of water, and photo identification. 

We will give your son/daughter the student NIE (número de identificación estudiantil) next week, and they must bring it to the test.

Please remember that students are not allowed to use cell phones in school except from the School Office either at break or lunch time or in an emergency at other times. Please do not text or phone them at school during school hours. If you need to send a message it can be done easily through Roxana or Marielos.

Thank you to all of you who have attended the Know Your School and Parent Teacher meetings this week. The attendance which we are recording was excellent. These meetings have been important in establishing the spirit of Parent Partnership at school. We have further meetings next week for Grade 9/10 and Grade 11/12. Please make sure you sign in when you arrive and please note these meetings are starting at 6.30 pm due to the traffic problems caused by the road closures. More news on the Class blogs.

In preparation for UN Week which starts the week after next we are asking for short personal contributions from people who have lived in other countries around the world to write up a short piece about that country. If you are interested in sharing information about a country you have lived in, please contact Roxana Hall and we will ask you to fill in a short Google form which will ask for three special or interesting pieces of information about the country, and an interesting experience you had while living in that country. Please get involved!

In our assembly with Grade 9-12 this week we talked about enthusiasm and motivation. We know how important it is for our students to be well motivated and we need to do all we can to ensure they continue to be enthusiastic and hard working at school. In many respects the most important thing we want to do at school is to encourage our students to always try their best and to believe they can be successful and we would like you to support his message at home. 

University visits next week: Texas Christian and Oglethorpe University from Atlanta will be visiting the ABC next Tuesday. Please check the school calendar for details.

Secondary dates for your diary
Monday 7th October: Grade 11/12 Know Your School & Parent Teacher Meeting 6.30 pm PAC
Wednesday 9th October: Grade 9/10 Know Your School & Parent Teacher Meeting 6.30 pm PAC. Class 2014 PAES Exam
Friday 12th October: Class 2015 Empowerment Day
Monday 14th October: Start of UN Week
Thursday 17th October: Grade 11 Careers Day
Friday 18th October: End of first half term
Friday 1st November: International Award (Silver) Expedition

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