Friday, 19 September 2014

6: Friday 19th September 2014

From the Director

We hope everyone had a positive independence day experience at the start of this week. I also hope you have looked at the ABC News blog and read about our Values based Education Quality Mark following the visit of the international consultant and educator Dr. Neil Hawkes. I was delighted so many of you joined us for his address to parents on Tuesday evening.

We want to use the ideas and training provided by Dr. Hawkes to ensure we help our ABC Community promote these values in all aspects of the lives of the children and young people at our school.

We are going to be reviewing our specific values as part of a school wide review of our Philosophy and Objectives which was started last term. We will be asking for your involvement in this

On another note as you are already aware we have been trying to improve the drop off and pick up at school and we are extending our early morning changes into next week but in order to maintain contact time we are also changing some of the pick up times for next week. I would also like to re appeal for parents to consider car sharing at either times and to register through school to see if we can put you in contact with other parents in your area.

Drop Off and Pick Up times for next week:

Pre Kinder: Start at 7.30 and will now go home at 12.15
Kinder: Start at 7.30 and will now go home at 12.45
Prepa: Start at 7.15 and will now go home at 1.15
Grade 1 : Start at 7.15 and will still go home at 1.30
Grade 2-5: Start at 7.15 and will now go home at 1.50

Team Sports times have also been finalised with our coaches and Team Sports times for Upper Primary and Secondary are as follows. We please ask that you work around these times in terms of coordinating a pick up in the afternoon:

Upper Primary: 2.15 - 3.30
Secondary: 2.30 - 4.00

Primary News

Dear Parents and carers,

Fantastic news, our school was awarded the Values-based Education quality mark following the visit from Dr. Neil Hawkes. We all feel very proud of our school and its students.

As you will see above we are pleased to be continuing with the trial morning times and also trialling a change to the leaving times to see if the afterschool congestion is affected. Please note that Pre-K will now leave at 12.15, Kinder at 12.45 and Prepa at 1.15. Thank you for your positive feedback so far.

Next Friday 26th September all of the lost property from Primary and Secondary will be on display for collection and then on Friday evening anything of value will be donated to charity. Please make a special effort to come and look for your lost items on that day or if you identify something sooner please speak to a Primary Secretary about getting it back.

I am still concerned about children not being strapped in when the car is moving and small children not being in car seats. Children hanging out of the window when you drive away is not acceptable and I will be speaking to some of you about it when I am at the collection/drop off points.

The McLay Fun Run and Peace One Day were a great success. Please see some of the photos on the ABC news

Have a wonderful week.

Sharon Short

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Friday 19th: LP Spanish assembly - Kinder Francés - 7:45am PAC & McLay fun run
Friday 26th September: 1st Fastiggi Assembly - 7:35am PAC
Wednesday 1st: Children’s day
Wednesday 1st: Pre Kinder Curriculum Night - 6:00pm PAC
Friday 3rd: First Vásquez Assembly - 7:35am PAC
Tuesday 7th: Kinder Curriculum Night - 6:00pm PAC
Thursday 9th: Prepa Curriculum Night - - 6:00pm PAC
Friday 10th: First Aguirre Assembly - - 7:35am PAC
Wednesday 15th: First grade Curriculum Night - 6:00pm PAC
Friday 17th: Prepa Watt Assembly - 7:35am PAC
Friday 17th: LP United Nations day - 8:00am PAC
Monday 27th - Friday 31st - Mid-term holiday

Upper Primary
Friday 19th: McLay fun run
Friday 25th: Grade 5 McLay fun run
Wednesday 1st October: Children’s day
Wednesday 1st October: 5th Linares assembly
Wednesday 8th October: School for Parents: Helping children resolve conflicts. 7.10am PAC
Wednesday 8th October: 3rd Padilla assembly
Wednesday 22nd October: 2nd Elisa Hernández assembly
Wednesday 22nd October: 4th Avilés assembly
Monday 27th - Friday 31st - Mid-term holiday

Secondary News

Peace One Day
Today we celebrated Peace One Day (officially the day will be celebrated on Sunday 21st September). 

Peace One Day 2014 focuses on the youth of today and it aims to reduce school bullying and to create the next generation of peacemakers. Peace one Day 2014 also draws again on the theme of “Who will you make peace with?”, encouraging individuals to take action in their homes and communities. 

These messages were communicated during special assemblies during the day. The assemblies looked at some of the stories of reconciliation that have recently come out of Rwanda (April 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the start of the Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of nearly a million people). For more information on this please go to: This link takes you to a powerful and moving New York Times article entitled ‘Portraits of Reconciliation’.
To raise money for charity students were charged $1 to wear jeans and a white top (or a Peace One Day t-shirt) and students were invited to help construct a Peace One Day mural of hand prints (by donating 50 cents). The students also organised a special football match at lunch time to mark the occasion.

Lost property
Please ask your child/children to check the lost and found cage by the Science/Maths rooms for any items that they have misplaced. Items are put out for display each Friday and the key can be collected from the Head of Secondary’s Office on any day during the week. 
Students have been encouraged to retrieve lost items on a number of occasions since the start of term. There are, however, many items still left unclaimed.

At the end of school on Friday 26th September we are going to remove all items and they will be placed in storage. Shortly afterwards, we will be donating these items to a worthy cause. 

Secondary dates for your diary
Tuesday 30th September: Know Your School (KYS) meeting for Grade 6, 5.30 PAC
Thursday 2nd October: KYS meeting for Grades 11 and 12, 5.30 PAC
Monday 6th October: KYS meeting for Grades 7 and 8, 5.30 PAC
Wednesday 8th October: KYS meeting for Grades 9 and 10, 5.30 PAC

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