Friday, 17 February 2017

21: Friday 17th February 2017

From the Director

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Parent Association Carnival tomorrow. It should be a fun day.  We would love to see you there with your family enjoying food, fun and company. In our busy lives we sometimes do not find the time or take the opportunities to spend time as families and the Carnival is one of those opportunities. Can I also please emphasise that it will be hot tomorrow so please bring sunscreen and ensure your children are well hydrated. In the evening we will be entertained by students from the Performing Arts Department.

We have had many rumors recently about safety and security. We are advised by all the authorities and friends if our school that these are rumours. However we are going to use them to reasure the safety of our campus and that we improve the information between school and home. In particular we want to improve the communication when your son or daughter is absent from school.  We have set up a new contact address for you to quickly report absence in the morning when your son or daughter is going to be absent from school. We are trialing this initially with our secondary school students from Monday 20th February. We ask that if your son or daughter is not attending school on a school morning please send an email to:,sv before registration at 7 am. This email simply needs to include the name of your son or daughter their grade and why they are absent. We can then cross reference your message with our registration and contact any absentees who we have not heard from. We feel this is important in helping ensure we know exactly where our students are and we ask for your cooperation in achieving this. We are also going to be issuing new car stickers soon to ensure cars coming onto our campus are present parents. Please be patient when we hand out these car stickers.

We are supporting the national Teleton campaign again this year and we have already sold many products. Thank you for your support. We have a T shirt Day across the school next Thursday.

On Monday we have a Prepa night activity and I think it would be really nice to share some star and planet gazing with them. You can see Venus and Mars clearly in the early evening. If any of you are keen stargazers with telescopes which you could bring to school on Monday evening as the sun sets please let me know by contacting Elizabeth Rivas at school on Monday to volunteer. I will join you so we can show the children the planets and the more binoculars and telescopes we have the better it will be.

Please note that school closes at 12.30 pm on Thursday 23rd February for a half term holiday. School reopens the following Wednesday.

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

Primary News

Dear Parents and Carers,

The two recent camps were a great success and the students had the chance to develop their independence and a variety of other skills and experiences. Well done to all the teaching teams involved and our grateful thanks to them for giving up their personal time to help the students develop.

Our inset this week was on language development, particularly English, but once again it came up how important it is for students to have high quality Spanish to support this. It is vital that our students have a lot of time speaking to good Spanish role models, reading good quality Spanish books and generally appreciating all that is Spanish in their lives. They need to develop a richness of language in their home language whatever that may be in order to do well in a second or third language.

Here is an interesting link about the importance or sleep related to learning in particular.
I would also like to say that a positive and calming bedtime routine with loving parents is vital to a child’s emotional development. Half an hour spent with your child sharing a book and discussing their day has huge benefits for their self esteem and general development.

THE CARNIVAL IS COMING. The school’s own Batucada band was part of the parade today. I felt very proud of our students are they played through the school. Well done to them and the teachers who supported them.

I hope you are all able to come to the carnival tomorrow and see the performances.
Have a great day.

Sharon Short
Head of Primary and Safeguarding Officer

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Saturday 18th: Parent Association CARNIVAL 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Monday 20th: Prepa Night Activity 4:00 pm PAC
Wednesday 22nd: Prepa trip to Jardin Botánico - 8:45 am
Thursday 23rd: Early closure and Teletón jeans Day
Friday 24th, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th February - Half term holiday

Friday 3rd: Teletón jeans day
Friday 3rd: End of 3rd extra-curricular activities session
Monday 6th: Start of 4th extra-curricular activities session
Tuesday 7th: Kinder Quintanilla trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Wednesday 8th: Kinder Suárez trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Thursday 9th: Kinder Cáceres trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Wednesday 15th: Kinder Rampone trip to La Granjita - 8:00 am
Friday 17th: Pre-Kinder Carbajal assembly - 7:45 am - PAC
Saturday 18th: Primary Spring Fair
Friday 24th: Pre-Kinder González assembly - 7:45 am - PAC
Friday 31st: Pre-Kinder Siri assembly - 7:45 am  - PAC

Upper Primary
Wednesday 22nd: 5th Molina Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Thursday 23rd: Early closure and Teletón jeans day
Friday 24th, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th February - Half term holiday

Friday 3rd: Teletón day- Jeans Day
Friday 3rd: End of 3rd Extracurricular Term - PRIMARY
Saturday 4th: UP Sports Morning & Family Day
Monday 6th: Start of 4th Extracurricular Term - PRIMARY
Wednesday 8th: 2nd Lawrence Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Saturday 18th: Primary Spring Fair
Wednesday 22nd: 3rd Sullivan Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC
Wednesday 29th: 2nd Spanish Assembly 9:20 - 10:05 PAC and 12:15 - 1:15 PAC

Secondary News

Dear parents and carers,

Thank you to all the parents in G6 and 7 who attended our Parent Teacher meeting on Thursday. It is always of great benefit for students to partake in discussions with their parents and teachers where their development and learning is the main priority. If you have any feedback on these events, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Reporting Absence
Please can you send an email to,sv any morning when your son or daughter is not going to be attending school. It is important we receive this message before registration so we know where your children are if they are not at school.

Summer Carnival
We hope to see many of you at this year’s Summer Carnival taking place tomorrow. Our PAD department invites you to come to enjoy their Music Concert starting at 6pm, which will include some of the class of 2018’s Circus numbers. The concert will be followed by dancing to DJOz!
Safeguarding Concerns
Can we remind you that if you have safeguarding concerns about any of our students either in school or outside school that you come and talk to us. We are concerned to do all we can to ensure their safety at all times in their lives , as they grow up, including when they go to class parties. We are very happy to work with you as parents on this to ensure we all work together to ensure safety and wellbeing. This is always our top priority!

Science Fair
From Ms Ravenscroft
This week has seen the beginning of preparation for the the Grade 6 and grade 7 Science Fair. The theme this year was “Change’’ as it was chosen to correspond with that of British Science Week. Pupils have been working hard in and out of school during the week to prepare for this year’s semi-final, which will take place on the 3rd of March in the Auditorium.

It is refreshing to see many different takes on the theme, with some pupils preferring to concentrate on change of states (looking at melting or evaporation) and some pupils looking at how we can change the way we regard the environment (for example, looking at floating gardens in Bangladesh).

The winners of the semi-final will go through to the final which will take place during STEAM Fest on March the 10th.

Well done to everyone involved and the best of luck to grades 6 and 7!

Geography, Business and Economics- Japan Trip- Feb. 16th - 24th 2017
We were very excited to say “itte irasshai” to our group of students and teachers who set off to Japan on Thursday. If you would like to follow their trip, please do so on the links below.  

A reminder that school will close at 12:30 pm next Thursday 23rd of February due to our Half-term break. Please arrange to pick your child at that time.  There will be no extra curricular activities that day.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you tomorrow at the Carnival!
Warm regards,
Natalia Cáceres Escalón

Secondary School dates for your diary

Saturday 18th - Parent Association SUMMER CARNIVAL
Thursday 23rd - Early Closure: School closes at 12.30 p.m; Jeans day - Teletón
Friday 24th, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th - Half term holiday, school closed

Thursday 2nd: Grade 10 IB Options & Parent/Teacher Meetings - Auditorium, 4:30pm
Friday 3rd: Teletón day - Jeans day & SCIENCE Fair for Grade 6 & 7
Monday 6th - Grade 8 IGCSE Options & Parent/Teacher meetings - Auditorium, 4:30pm
Thursday 9th to Monday 13th - HACIA Democracy trip to Panama
Friday 10th - ABC STEAMFEST
Saturday 11th - SAT test, 8 am
Monday 13th to Friday 17th - Bicultural Arts Festival Week
Tuesday 14th - Grade 12 IB Art inauguration day
Tuesday 21st - Parent Partnership Meeting on Internet Safety
Wednesday 22nd - Grade 9 and 11 exams start

Friday 31st - End of Grade 9 and 11 exams

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