Friday, 23 March 2012

28: Monday 26th March 2012

ABC Weekly Trial
We want you to receive the essential information for the week and we are trialling this ABC Weekly as a “Text” edition - only the essential information. This will enable community members receiving this on mobile phones to read the text easily.
At the end of each month we shall have a “Special Edition” ABC Weekly giving links to all that has happened in the month.
Remember that you can follow each grade’s blog, the ABC News and UP News blogs to keep up with what is going on!

Message for past ABC Classes:
From the 80s: big hair bands, heavy metal and new wave?
From the 90s: boy bands, grunge and teen pop?
From the Noughties: rap, hip hop and Gaga?
Whatever your choice in music and whatever your graduating class - keep Friday evening, 27th of April free!

This Week in Secondary

Next week is the last week of the school term and exams continue for Grade 9 and Grade 11. Otherwise the week is as usual with extracurricular and team sports continuing. We are still reminding students of the importance of a good night’s sleep and breakfast before coming to school. We know that 8 hours sleep and breakfast improve grades!

Dates for your diary
Monday 26th March: Grade 9 & 11 Exams continue until Friday 30th March
Friday 30th March: End of Term Two. School closes at the normal time
Monday 16th April: First Day of Term Three
Friday 20th April: IB Art Exhibition
Tuesday 24th April: Grade 6-8 Exam Cal reports sent home
Wednesday 25th April: Careers Day for Grade 11
Thursday 26th April: Grade 11 Parent Meeting 6pm PAC

This Week in Primary

UP Swimming Galas next week
Swimming galas for children in Upper Primary will be taking place next week. Please check below to see which days your children will be taking part in these events.

5th Grade Speech competition
This event will take place in the PAC on Wednesday 28th March.

UP Tribal celebration
The winning tribe in UP will be having a special event in school in the morning of Thursday 29th March. They will find out more details at the beginning of next week.

Prepa exit point
Closing their IPC Seeing the Light unit children in Prepa classes will return to school in the evening on Thursday 29th March for some light and dark activities. Children will leave school at 12.15pm to be collected from the area outside the PAC where Upper Primary children usually leave. They need to be back at school by 4.30pm to be collected at 8.30pm. The Main Entrance gate will be opened at 7.50pm.

Olympic Opening Ceremony
On the 20th April, shortly after the Easter Holidays, all the children in Primary will be taking part in an ABC Olympic Opening Ceremony at the Cuscatlan Stadium. We need the children to be brought directly to the stadium at 8am on that day instead of coming to school as normal. The ceremony will last around two hours so children will be free to go home at around 10.30. Again they will go home directly from the stadium. Tickets for this event are on sale in all Primary offices and we would encourage you to come along to this unique event to support your child.

Many thanks to the many Primary parents who have already completed our ‘How are we doing?’ survey. The deadline for taking part in the survey is Wednesday 28th March.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary
Thursday 29th March: Prepa Night Activity - 4.30 - 8.30pm
Friday 30th March: PK Catani Assembly - PAC 7.20am
Friday 30th March: Last day of Term

Upper Primary
Monday 26th March: 5th Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Tuesday 27th March: 4th Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Wednesday 28th March: 5th Grade Speech Competition, PAC 8.00am to 9.30am
Wednesday 28th March: 3rd Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Thursday 29th March: 2nd Grade Swimming Gala. ABC Swimming pool, 10.00am to 12.00m
Friday 30th March: Last day of Term

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