Friday, 7 February 2014

21: Friday 7th February 2014

Primary News

After school arrangements for your children

Please let class teachers know via the HCB or email if your child is going home with someone other than yourself at the end of the school day.

UP Reading workshops for parents
Next week teachers in Upper Primary will be leading workshops for parents to help them to help their children at home. Reading is such an important part of our curriculum and something that we place great emphasis on in school, whatever age the children. Please come along to the appropriate workshop to discover how to help your child to develop a love of books and of reading. Please see below for dates.

First Grade Reading and Maths workshops for parents
On Thursday 13th February our 1st Grade teaching team will be leading a workshop for their parents which will give them knowledge, ideas and advice about how to help and support their children with these core areas of the curriculum when they are not in school. 

PK Evaluation day
Our second evaluation day for our Pre Kinder entrants for August 2014 is on Saturday 8th February. Please contact Estefania Chacon if you require any further information about this.

Dates for your diary

Lower Primary 
Monday 10th - Friday 14th February: Internet safety week
Thursday 13th February: Reading & Maths Workshops for 1st grade - 7:10 - 8:00am, ABC LT
Friday 14th February: Kinder Frances Assembly - 7:20am, PAC
Thursday 20th February: Inset training day for Teachers, no school for students
Friday 21st and Monday 24th February: Half term, no school for students
Friday 28th February: Music Assembly - 7:20am, PAC

Upper Primary
Friday 7th - Saturday 8th February: 2nd grade Camping Night in the ABC Campus
Monday 10th February: 4th Grade reading workshop
Wednesday 12th February : 5th Grade reading workshop
Thursday 13th February : 3rd Grade reading workshop
Friday 14th February : 2nd Grade reading workshop
Wednesday 19th February: 3rd Spanish Assembly, at 9.10 in the PAC
Wednesday 19th February: 4th Spanish Assembly, at 11.55 in the PAC
Thursday 20th February: INSET Day for teachers, no School for children
Friday 21st - Monday 24th February: HALF TERM, No School

Secondary News

Internet Safety
The internet offers boundless possibilities for learning, developing your problem solving skills and for entertainment. We make use of it constantly in school as part of our programme but we have strict controls in school to protect our children and we teach them about the dangers of the internet. Next week we will again refocus on this issue and we ask that you join us. Please talk to your children about their privacy settings on social networks, please try to protect them from accessing age inappropriate or offensive material on line. 

In our assembly with Grade 6 to 8 we stressed the importance of leadership in school. All students play leadership roles in their lives at school and they are all responsible for helping each other make smart choices. In school we are going to use our leadership values to help improve our recycling effort and we hope you will also talk to your son or daughter about their leadership responsibilities. Many of our older students have been on a Leadership Conference today and will be again tomorrow with ESEN

Grade 9 and 11 Exams start next week
Students all have access to their timetables and they must make sure they are in school at least 15 minutes before their first exam of the day. They may leave school after their last exam of the day but may not leave school between any exams on the same day. Students are always welcome to study at school during any period they do not have exams. Please help your son or daughter by encouraging sensible revision at home and making sure they have a good night sleep and breakfast before coming to an exam.

Secondary dates for your diary
Saturday 8th February: Leadership Conference
Monday 10th February: Grade 9 and 11 Exams start. Internet Safety Week
Thursday 20th February: INSET for teachers, no school for students
Friday 21st February: Half Term holiday
Monday 24th February: Half Term holiday
Wednesday 26th February: Grade 12 Parent Partnership Meeting, reports issued 5.30pm PAC
Thursday 27th February: Grade 10 IB Information and Parent Teacher Meeting 5.30 pm PAC

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